Payasos L.A.: Payaso Cipotin

One upon a time there was a payaso with no name who ran away from a huge, unfriendly circus. He ventured east to explore the hills and valleys of Silverlake and Echo Park.
It was not always easy, and you could say he had to run the gauntlet. He ran into all manner of wild life in his many adventures.
There were hawks, wolves, otters, grizzly bears, polar bears, panda bears, brown bears, black bears, red bears, pocket bears, leather bears, muscle bears, dolphins and pigs too!
Although fun times all around, this payaso still yearned for more meaningful camaraderie. He wished and wished and one day he met Papa Bear, also known as Payaso Stinky Foo, who recognized in this no-name-payaso a beautiful giving heart, a sexy demeanor and physical attributes just right for the cause, Payasos for a Better Tomorrow!
He was introduced to Payaso Bartholo, Payaso Chamoy, Payaso Sope, Payso Frisley, and many more.
Payaso Bartholo serendipitously named him Payaso Cipotin.
...And the rest is history.

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